Meet Molly

Miss Molly is a classic 1970’s CI Cadet 10 Sprite Caravan. One could describe her as vintage style mixed with glamour and old world charm. She is sure to turn heads where ever she travels and loves the attention, what lady doesn’t?!

Molly was bought by a lovely couple from Wales in the 1970’s. She travelled for leisure all around the UK and beyond for many years but eventually as the kiddies grew up and flew the nest and the couple grew older, Miss Molly found herself forgotten in their garden. Miss Molly’s beauty was recognised by a local lady who bought her and had fond ideas for a future together. Unfortunately for Miss Molly this never happened and Miss Molly found herself re-locating to a new owner in Portsmouth.

Miss Molly was scrubbed, loved and restored back to her former glory and she found herself on the road again but this time as a travelling sweet caravan for people’s weddings and other personal shenanigans, oh how Miss Molly loved to make people smile again!

Molly just loves to go on an adventure, so it wasn't long before she was on her travels again in search of a warmer climate. She is now settling down here in the South West in sunny Devon, we're so happy to have her and hope she will make this a permanant home!

Now a quirky Vintage Caravan Photo Booth, Molly would just love to be part of your special day.

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